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I also uploaded a new video today with my dogs :) 


I never smile with my teeth in photos usually but I actually liked this one so hello new profile picture
Oh look a new video where I show you my pets! #magical http://www.youtube.com/ilewis95
It was bloody freezing however I completed the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS. I’m also donating $100 of my own money. You can watch the video here 
I completed The Ice Bucket Challenge and donated money to ALS. You can watch the video on my channel! Www.youtube.com/ilewis95
I had a lovely time meeting so many of you at Summer in the City last weekend! I just published a blog post about it over at www.imlewis.co.uk
Rewatching Divergent on the train to London. So excited for this weekend!

SitC Tips

Having attended Summer in the City for 3 years in a row and attending Playlist Live I decided to write some tips for attendees based on my experience. If you are going to SitC or any other Youtube gathering then this may be helpful.